Semi Pedestal Sink

It is a convenient,elegant pedestal basin.Its surface is evenly glazed to a thickness of 1.2mm,which is not easy to yellow and crack.
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Product description

The Semi pedestal sink is a convenient, elegant pedestal basin. Its surface is evenly glazed to a thickness of 1.2mm, which is not easy to yellow and crack. This wash basin has a soft water flow that is not easily splashed. The square water tank enables larger water storage, making daily cleaning more convenient. The modern style and flowing lines of this pedestal basin perfectly embody the beauty of balance and harmony.

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Faucet opening

Single hole

Product features

1. Semi Pedestal Sink uses our own self-cleaning glaze. After excellent glazing process, glaze is even and lubricous, so it is not easy to hang stain. Additionally, it also has bacteriostatic effect.

2. Wash basin has a large storage capacity. Making full use of the basin, the large amount of water will allow you to enjoy pleasant wash and rinse.

3. The backface of this pedestal basin applies a rough surface to maximize the friction with the mounted wall, making the basin more stable and less easy to shift.

4. The pedestal of the Semi Pedestal Sink are thick and has strong pressure resistance and bearing capacity. Wonderful stability improves its safety as well.

5. Unique style of modeling of this wash basin shows an interpretation of warm and harmony. Elaborate design makes it satisfy bathroom spaces of different individual demand.

one piece pedestal sink

pedestal bath sink

Our leading craft

Our self-developed super clean glaze has a thickness of more than 1.1mm and is more than 0.8mm after firing.This glazed surface is smooth,with high gloss and very delicate hand.The national standard water absorption rate of ceramics is ≤0.5%.We can achieve water absorption rate ≤0.3%,which can prevent cracking,good odor resistance and easy cleaning.

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