Wall Hung Toilet Bowl

This Wall Hung Toilet Bowl belongs to P-trap toilet pan, and its fluent and linear design adds neatness and orderliness to your bathroom.
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The wall hung toilet bowl is an elegant and smooth toilet. It uses an innovative polymer material and damping technology PP cover to provide a more environmentally friendly, quiet and comfortable experience for consumers. This concealed wall hung toilet features an efficient double-speed water-saving setting that also cleans up the stains in all directions.

This wall hung toilet belongs to P-trap toilet pan, and its fluent and linear design adds neatness and orderliness to your bathroom. It will work well with your existing bathroom set-up. With good mute effect, this concealed wall hung toilet truly interprets the meaning of a comfortable bathroom. It can effectively prevent cracking and provide excellent deodorization. Its powerful functions include reducing your water consumption, good mute effect, and splash-proof function.

1.wall hung toilet bowl


Product NameConcealed wall hung toilet



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Flush way

Wash down



Product features

1. It is convenient to install and transport this toilet. Without limiting the layout of toilet, various needs can be met.

2. This concealed wall hung toilet is equipped with powerful pressurized water control device, and the impact force can quickly wash away the dirt.

3. All the pipes are fully glazed, which can effectively carry out all-round rinsing to ensure the sanitary condition.

4. The fittings of this wall hung toilet are made of imported engineering ABS materials with high hardness. Therefore, wall hung toilet bowl shows excellent aging and corrosion resistance performance.

5. After firing at 1280℃, the ceramic density is higher. Its water absorption rate is very low, so its surface is not easy to crack.

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1. What is the use of your toilet water?

We use imported Vidia water parts, made of ABS material, which can be guaranteed for 3 years.

2. Does your ceramic water absorption rate meet the national standard?

We not only meet the national standard water absorption rate ≤ 0.5%, we can also achieve water absorption rate ≤ 0.3%.

3. Does the store have any relevant policy support?

There are corresponding decoration subsidies, year-end rebates, advertising materials support and product knowledge training support policies.

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