Double Trap Siphonic Toilet

It is a siphonic toilet with excellent flushing effect and smooth appearance.It is fired at a high temperature of 1250°C,with high degree of vitrification and low water absorption.
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Product description

Double trap siphonic toilet is a siphonic toilet with excellent flushing effect and smooth appearance. It is fired at a high temperature of 1250°C, with high degree of vitrification and low water absorption.The dual flush comfort height toilet uses the siphon force generated by the flushing water to remove dirt, avoiding splashing and cleaning.

double trap siphonic toilet


Product NameDual flush comfort height toilet



Rough in


Flush way




Product features

1. This dual flush comfort height toilet has the design of fully glazed internal. S-type sewage combines with thickened pipeline refused block.

2.The glaze is smooth and clean, which is effective antibacterial,and not easy to hang.

3.The damping technology PP cover is adopted to this toilet, mute descending improves using experience.

siphonic water closet

siphonic action toilet

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Company information

STOTA sanitary originates from STOTA Australia and is affiliated to Shanghai Fellano Overseas Branch.Our products can express the vitality and creativity of the brand.It is a reasonable interpretation of the modern people's desire to find a balance between space, aesthetics and function.This fully reflects the simple,comfortable and fashionable human life in Australia.

R & D capabilities

We have 3 independent designers from Australia and have established a domestic R&D design team of more than 10 people to continuously promote and even lead the development of the industry.We are deeply loved by consumers with our strong design and R&D capabilities.

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