S Bend Toilet Pan

This toilet pan has a urea-formaldehyde cover plate, which features high hardness, and is not easy to damage.
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Product Introduction

S bend toilet pan is a new type of unique toilet. It has a good gloss, a smooth appearance and a very delicate hand. This toilet pan has a urea-formaldehyde cover plate, which features high hardness, and is not easy to damage, yellow. The bunnings s trap toilet has easy installation and is convenient to repair and replace aging items. S bend toilet pan also has sufficient hydraulic power to quickly wash away dirt and maintain hygienic conditions. If you are looking for a practical and economical toilet, this can be your ideal choice.


Among three common types of toilet pan- S-trap, P-trap and skew trap, S bend toilet pan is the most common-used one, and its waste pipe connects to the floor, and cistern is visible, making it easy to deconstruct and repair. This bunnings s trap toilet with high water efficiency can reduce your water consumption, helping you save money and lowering your environmental impact. It creates a traditional look to your bathroom, and will work well with your existing bathroom set-up, and can keep smelly sewer gases from coming up into your bathroom.

s bend toilet pan


Product NameBunnings s trap toilet



Rough in

S-trap:250/300mm P-trap:180mm

Flush way

Wash down



s bend toilet

s trap commode


1. Do you accept customized production?

We accept a variety of customization needs.

2. How long does the logistics delivery time? Who will pay for the freight?

Regular products are shipped the same day. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the dealer.

3. Is there any related dealer support system?

We often do some activity planning support, as well as corresponding subsidies and knowledge training.

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