Automatic Toilet for bidet woman

intelligent toilet, automatic function. with different function. smart flush toilet
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Description:intelligent toilet, automatic function.
Model NO.:01-03766
roughing-in:s-trap 300/400mm

this is the new model of intelligent toilet in our product range. with very nice and elegant looking and automatic function. suitable for your home and public place. make your life much easier and convenient. welcome your inquiry in any time.

The design inspiration of STOTA product stems from Australia. Since entering the market, it acts out with creativity and vitality of brand. It reasonably interprets that the modern people are longing for seeking balance point between space, aeshetic appreciation and function on the design which keep the physical feeling and spirtual level in harmony. It fully embodies the extreme purduit of simple comfrtable and fashionable life of Australian. 

With beautiful design and innovate quality, the STOTA sanitary ware is stepping forward courageously in the trends of times. From the very beginning, it adheres to the principle of forging high quality product. It keeps its unique style and provides the customers with the life with the most sparkle and top-quality sanitary bathing space. Its products is unanimously recognized by the market when it usentered into the market which has become one of the first choice of sanitary ware brand of the high-end ressidence, high-level office buliding, largescale public buliding, starred hotel and thousands of families in China.

automatic toilet

button part

nice design of samrt toilet

seat cover

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