Handmade Woven Rope Boho Shelves Organizer Hanger Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf for Kitchen Bathroom Home Storage Floating Indoor

Handmade Woven Rope Boho Shelves Organizer Hanger Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf for Kitchen Bathroom Home Storage Floating Indoor

The Bathroom Wall Hangings can be placed in homes, hotels, companies and other places.
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Product Details

We clearly recognize that technology must be continuously improved, otherwise our wall fitted toilet, Siphonic Water Closet, wall concealed toilet will not be able to compete with other similar products. At present, the ability to innovate has become the focus of attention of countries, enterprises and even individuals, and is a decisive factor for a country's international competitiveness and an enterprise's core competitive advantage. We pursue perfection in every detail and carry out strict quality control on every process. The company adheres to the 'integrity first, pragmatic and innovative' business philosophy, to provide quick and good service for the masses.

Product description

The Traditional Wall Hung Basin is a simple, beautiful wall hung basin, which has a high water capacity, and can effectively flush dirt. It has no flaws such as cracks, lack of glaze, brown eyes, pits, etc. It has a smooth surface, and it feels very delicate. The mounting surface against the wall is normal without warping, the mounting holes are not deformed, and various performances can meet the requirements of national standards. Hanging underneath making it easy to take care of the sanitation of the bathroom, and there is basically no dead corner for sanitation. In addition, the Traditional Wall Hung Basin can effectively prevent the extension of moisture. 

All its metal parts are made of high quality stainless steel, and moisture resistance will be guaranteed after moisture-proof treatment. It not only meets the requirements of users, but also meets the requirements of making full use of space to beautify the environment. It also has the advantages of environmental protection, delicate design, compact structure, easy cleaning, moisture resistance, durability as well as high cost effective. Therefore, it has become an inevitable choice for fashionable bathroom space. The Traditional Wall Hung Basin can be placed in homes, hotels, companies and other places. 

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Product features

1.Made of strict process,durable and not easily damaged.

2.The hand feel is delicate, the design is excellent,and it brings a good user experience.

3.It is made of high-temperature ceramic clay,which has low water absorption and is easy to clean.

Company culture

STOTA focuses on designing products that meet the needs of different families and members: fashion, practicality, durability, ease of use, etc.,to meet the needs of quality life in a balanced manner.We want to provide quality bathroom products to families around the world and become part of their high quality life.

R & D capabilities

We have 3 independent designers from Australia and have established a domestic R&D design team of more than 10 people to continuously promote and even lead the development of the industry.We are deeply loved by consumers with our strong design and R&D capabilities.

We produce a variety of new styles of Handmade Woven Rope Boho Shelves Organizer Hanger Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf for Kitchen Bathroom Home Storage Floating Indoor, and put them on the market in large quantities, which has been fully recognized by all sectors of society. Our company may be lost occasionally, but we will never act behind closed doors. We have been exploring and committed to the use of high-precision and high-efficiency equipment.
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