What Is The Reason Why The Toilet Does Not Enter The Water?

- Sep 18, 2019-

I know that everyone in the home life has encountered the situation that the toilet tank does not enter the water, Xiaobian has encountered it. It is really a headache to encounter the toilet tank without water. It is very troublesome and inconvenient to flush the toilet every time you use the toilet. Today, I will analyze the reasons and solutions for the water in the toilet tank.

Open the cover with the button and there is a float inside to see if it is stuck.

It may be that there is an inverted object like a cup stuck inside, just move down and it will be fine.

Open the toilet lid and check if the float sinks to the bottom when the water tank is not water. If it is still at the top when it is not water, it means that the float ball is broken and cannot be sinked, so that the water inlet is always closed.

If there is no water in the toilet, you can also check other reasons. If the triangle valve is open, remove the triangle and check if the end of the wire connected to the wall is blocked by the raw material belt. The open triangle valve spool opens and closes. Whether it is normal, whether the hose of the water is unobstructed, just something, you can eliminate it. If it is normal, then you should consider the problem of the water pipe, whether it is welded during construction.

The situation with less water from the tap is a problem. There is also a filter inside the toilet hydrator. The filter screen is blocked by too much scale for a long time, so that the tap water can't enter. As long as you can remove the filter and clean it.

Close the valve on the hose that connects the water tank to the water, or spray it in a little while. Then flush the toilet and drain the water from the tank.

Clean the filter with a waste toothbrush or the like. It is better to have a scale cleaner. There is no problem. I just use a descaling agent and blisters for a while. It is especially clean. I can also pour some of this mixture into the hydrator. The scale is removed. They are all cleaned.

Along the water inlet hose, look under the toilet, there is a hex nut to connect the hose and the water hydrator in the water tank, use a wrench to turn the nut down, and then look up just at the nut position, there may be another The same position as the nut, the same rotation, the same function of the charge, also screwed down, my home is plastic, I do not know anything else like this. After two steps, the water replenisher can be taken out of the toilet.

Remove the water hydrator and see that there is a small square column in the middle of the tube. Pull it out with a needle-nosed pliers. You can see that the square column and the strainer are integrated and come out together.

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