Tips For Buying A Smart Toilet 2

- Sep 03, 2019-

3. To consider the safety of smart toilets:

When buying, you must see if you meet the national standards and ask for relevant documents. After all, smart toilets need power supply such as water heating, seat heating, drying, etc., and electricity should be considered for safety. Therefore, the choice of a smart toilet must take into account the use of materials in the product must have added flame retardant materials to prevent accidents caused by accidents such as fire. Moreover, the smart toilet should also take into account the safety protection of each link function, such as automatic heating of water heating, automatic protection of seat heating, automatic power-off protection of warm air drying. A qualified smart toilet product needs to meet the safety standards of the national inspection.

4. Smart toilet is easy to clean:

Look carefully at the surface of the toilet, see if it is flooded under the light, and then touch the surface with your hand. It should be smooth, smooth, and crystal-clear; there are no obvious pinholes, glaze and cracks; the toilet is light, the sound is crisp and pleasant, and there is no cracking sound. , the shape is not deformed. Reach out to the drain pipe and see if the drain also has a glazed surface. Garda bathroom smart toilet ceramic body uses 1280 degrees Celsius high temperature firing to fully guarantee the flatness of the ceramic and the seamless joint forming technology to make the ceramic surface seamless, ensuring that the ceramic surface is free of dirt and easy to clean.

5. It is especially important to choose water parts:

In addition to the central integrated control circuit, a smart toilet has an important decisive factor in the water tank fittings. Pay attention to the selection of accessories with good quality, low water injection noise, strong and durable air tightness, long-term immersion without water, no corrosion, no scale. Garda bathroom smart toilets use the industry's best water tank accessories to ensure longevity and excellent flushing performance!