Tips For Buying A Smart Toilet 1

- Sep 02, 2019-

Smart toilets have become more and more popular among consumers. Many consumers have gradually changed from the previous understanding and wait-and-see attitude to the transition to personal experience. How to choose a smart toilet. The following summarizes some of the things you choose to use a smart toilet.

1. Not as many features as possible:

Many consumers will feel that the more features they have when purchasing a smart toilet, so that they can get the best value for money. In fact, it is not true, Garda bathroom Huang said: a smart toilet should choose the right function according to its own needs, a smart toilet needs to have such as seat body induction, seat heating, warm water washing, moving Washing, warm air drying, automatic deodorization, one-click energy-saving technology basically meet the needs of the general consumer. Then consumers can choose another functional experience that suits them and their families according to their specific needs, so that they will not blindly purchase smart toilets and put them home instead of being practical.

2. To achieve real water saving:

See if the smart toilet is really water-saving. In addition to seeing the water consumption, the flushing rate, the flushing distance, and whether the water seal is effective or not can not be ignored. For example, if the flushing rate of a single toilet with a small amount of water is insufficient, it will not be cleaned once and it will need to be washed twice or three times. The “water saving” will become a fee. Garda bathroom reminder: Generally speaking, the qualified water-saving intelligent toilet has the water-saving certificate issued by the state; in the water-saving configuration of the water-saving intelligent toilet, the larger-diameter drain valve can achieve rapid drainage effect; The water-saving toilet also needs to have a S-pipe and a water seal in accordance with national standards to ensure the deodorization.