The Choice Of Smart Toilet, Pay Attention To These Are Right

- Sep 10, 2019-

When buying a smart toilet, most sales will say something good to promote our desire to purchase. In fact, the function of selling is ridiculous. The functions of sales are a bit sloppy for us. It is clear that we are fooling us. . But we want to buy your favorite smart toilet, you need to pay attention to these points.

1. Look at the leakage protection device. When buying a smart toilet, be sure to pay attention to whether there is a leakage protection device. When asking the salesperson, the answer is definitely no problem, but we need to pay attention to the manufacturer certificate and the safety monitoring certificate.

2. Look at the production materials. We need to pay attention to the materials in the production of materials with or without flame retardant. V0 has the best flame retardant effect. If something happens, the smart toilet can't burn. Many people think that the toilet itself carries a water tank. There is no need to use flame retardant materials, but we also know that smart toilets use electricity. If electricity is used, flame retardant materials are essential.