Solving The Problem Of Toilet Blockage Prevention Is The Key

- Sep 14, 2019-

In daily life, I believe that everyone will encounter the problem of toilet blockage. Basically, how should we prevent such a situation from happening? Let's take a look at it!

1. Be careful not to let the sewage sediment block the return hole.

It is strictly forbidden to pour cement, lime, paint and other contaminants into the toilet to prevent the dirt from depositing and agglomerating in the toilet. It will easily block the return hole for a long time, causing the toilet water to form no vortex and reduce the impact force.

2. Be careful not to let the faeces block the vent.

People who have a good fecal feces in their homes have small stool particles and are prone to block the return holes. Always check the air return hole of the toilet for blockage and carefully remove the blockage in the return hole.

3. Pay attention to whether the return hole is normal

When clearing the toilet, if there is no foreign matter blockage, consider checking whether the return hole is normal. If a blockage is found, the toilet will return to normal as soon as the dirt and impurities in the return hole are removed. When the toilet is clogged, it can be handled as described above, and it can also avoid affecting the life of the family. In daily life, I feel that there are also many small skills. Everyone can understand more, so that it is easier and more convenient for them to become more and more comfortable.