Riding The Wind And Waves In July-STOTA System Marketing Guidance System Training Session Ended Successfully

- Jul 11, 2020-

In the hot July, there is a "sister who rides the wind and waves" who has no fear of age and the return of youth. This July will "explode" all at once. Just like July, life and youth are particularly vibrant. As a new beginning in the second half of the year, we sum up the past, make preparations, and sprint for the new journey with all our strength.


On July 10th, the Australian Star "Australian Star System Marketing Guidance System" training session was held at the company headquarters enthusiastically. This training session mainly focused on how to maximize the use of tools, channels, and actual combat in marketing. Director Zhang is the keynote speaker.


The sales elites of the company gathered together and participated in this training meeting. With the most serious heart and attitude, they devoted themselves to this learning training meeting and prepared for the challenges of the second half of the year with the latest attitude.


At the training meeting, the marketing director gave a brief introduction on the content and purpose of this training. I hope everyone can take a good grasp of this training session and apply the knowledge learned to the new challenges in the second half of the year, and strive to restart after the epidemic A new journey in the second half of the year.


Next, Marketing Director Zhang made a detailed plan for the main content of the "Australian Star System Marketing Guidance System" combined with the actual situation of the company and the numerous development and sales tools that the company has prepared, and made detailed plans for each plan. Detailed analysis.


At the training meeting, Mr. Zhang conducted training on this series of knowledge, using popular language to vividly and vividly interpret the sales elites in detail, including sales tool application points, seller terminals---development and application channels, terminals--- The distributors use channels, etc., and the sales elites listened with gusto.


At the same time, in order to prevent everyone from getting tired and distracted during the learning process, Mr. Zhang also deliberately took a break after finishing the content of one stage; before starting the training of the next stage, he deliberately set up a game session, just for Let everyone have more enthusiasm and motivation to learn the next stage of training content.


It is this setting that allows everyone to be more active, enthusiastic and focused on learning while having fun; especially when it comes to how to guide words well, retain customers in a short time, how to refer customers, etc., sales elites It was particularly intense with Mr. Zhang, and the sales elites raised their own issues and discussed with each other.


The content of this training is mainly for the sales elites to learn from this targeted course content, combining their own business skills, tools and channels in hand can be truly used to enrich and improve their sales management capabilities, and develop more More possibilities, further pragmatic sales knowledge and skills of business personnel, enhance the combat effectiveness of the marketing team.


In the end, the marketing director made a small sharing about "Having friends from afar, it’s a great pleasure" to share and tell everyone that the second deep meaning of this sentence is closely related to sales people;


As a sales, it is not only to sell products, but also to learn sales knowledge and deeper knowledge, so that distributors or customers can feel that it can help them solve their confusion or let them learn knowledge at any time.


This training meeting pointed out the direction for all sales elites, provided effective and feasible solutions and methods, and also stimulated the marketing enthusiasm of all employees. In July, we will work together to face difficulties, ride the wind and waves, and move forward!