New Product Express|The Elegant -British Gentleman- Style Will Carry The Sense Of Luxury To The End!

- Jul 20, 2020-

Home design

Black, white and gray will always be the protagonist

Bright colors are too impetuous and difficult to settle

And black is modest and arrogant at the same time, but also lazy and casual but mysterious.

Become a timeless classic in the palette


STOTA Sanitary Ware launched a new shower room "Texture · Advanced Black" style

In space, black, burst, release their own unique charm



The whole product consists of clean simple lines

Black frame combined with natural neutral and earthy tones

Fusion bathroom minimalist style

The two are integrated, simple, comfortable, clean and enjoyable


When exhausted by the busy life

You can also take a shower inside

Place yourself in the black classic habitat

Come to a dialogue with your own soul, let innocence drive out vanity



Low-key, restrained and deep and steady black, like a tranquilizer

The effect of calming down quickly

Aussie Star Sanitary Ware makes a new shower room with "texture · high-grade black" style

Have my own soul

FD series


Color is like one's attitude, like one's life habits

It seems that black has human-like focus, persistence and regularity

When the water droplets that want to escape wantonly soak other daily necessities

"Texture · Advanced Black" style new shower room makes the space more regular

FB series


A shower that meets the needs of the mood, you need more than just clean

But need a shower space that can purify the mood


No need for complicated and gorgeous patterns and decorations

Only in classic black

Create a simple and condensed shower space for you, minimalist atmosphere without losing a modern sense

FA series


The black bathroom has its own abstinence and publicity

"Texture · Advanced Black" style new shower room


Let the quality shuttle in the mystery and play in the rationality

Like the British gentleman, he can always have his own unique charm

AG series

In general:

Life is an improvised reality

Black represents an attitude to life, an unquestionable life behavior

Your life behavior must be determined and unique

It must be cool and advanced, and rational like a gentleman