New Product Express|Starting Brown As New, Dignified And Elegant!

- Jul 03, 2020-

Neutral brown is always the most classic one, starting with "brown" as new, dignified and elegant, and never outdated; the neutrality and excess of brown tones and large whites make the overall style of the space instantly friendly and natural.


The calmness and elegance of neutral colors have always been at the top of fashion, becoming the darling of many fashionistas, and a label of fashion trends; in the colorful modern urban life, neutral colors instinctively explore the peace of mind and talk. With a neutral artistic sentiment, the pursuit of overall harmony in chaos, gray-brown space, beauty should be so.


 When this neutral color is applied to the bathroom, with large white countertops, the layers are rational, and the beauty of the marble is expressed to the fullest, creating more possibilities and individuality for the space, creating a unique enjoyment with a unique taste.


Responsible for appearance, dignified and elegant, timeless

Long strip-shaped bathroom mirror, satisfying two people to bloom beautifully together


The washing area and the make-up area are partitioned reasonably. Get up in the morning to wash and make-up without fighting;

Even without makeup,

The large area of the countertop also allows the trivial things to have a place.

No longer worry about having no place to put washing utensils when washing.


There is plenty of storage, and the storage space is compact

Diversified storage, not superfluous, not fancy, each in its place, convenient storage

The cabinet is divided into hidden and semi-open storage,

The semi-open storage on the right hand side meets the daily placement of most bathroom products.

Convenient items to take and use;


The hidden storage can place some private small items to ensure the privacy of the space.

Since then, bottles and cans can also be placed in order,

Achieve a neat and beautiful effect.


Clearly restore your beauty·HD LED smart mirror light

Integrated LED light and mirror, ambient lighting, touch switch, one-key defogging, clear vision



The cabinet body is 30cm above the ground, which is equivalent to one more storage area

Can place children's bathtub or clothes hamper


Thousands of hard work into one stone

The countertop is made of large-flowered white countertop, which has strong texture, high temperature resistance, waterproof and scratch resistance.

The large storage space expands the storage function, which is convenient for daily necessities to be placed and handled freely.


High temperature and easy to clean basin

After firing at 1280°C, the surface is coated with a uniform glaze layer, smooth and delicate, long-lasting whiteness,

The retaining edge is designed to be easy to clean and prevent water overflow.


The horizontal bar-shaped painted black gold handle is more textured

Simple style, simple atmosphere, stylish and elegant


Australia Star New Products Bathroom Cabinet Light Luxury Brown Copper Color Series

Every detail is the master of the space, providing complete relaxation and relaxation of body and mind.

Demonstrate the extraordinary personal taste and unique style of life.