Living Home | Spring Is Getting Strong, Starting With A Touch Of Green

- Mar 18, 2020-

The spring equinox is approaching, and the long season of Ying Fei Cao makes the whole world come alive. In addition to going out, should our home change with the season?

Moreover, I don't know if it's the same as you. Prosperous cities, crowded streets, when you return to your home and look out the window sill, a small plant can bring you an infinite sense of belonging. They never speak, but they can bring you the most secure companionship.


Plants are a great decoration for improving the mood and environment of the room. No matter what style of home decoration, green plants are the icing on the cake. Everyone likes to put a few pots of plants at home to add a little color to the family.


The winter of 2020 is a bit long and the epidemic is not over.

Maybe you are also looking forward to the green touch of spring?

Maybe you also want to add some vitality to your home?

Maybe you want to let your family understand the greenness and vitality of spring?

Today, let's choose the right green plant according to the space and start our spring!

living room

The living room is the main activity space for people's home life. We may meet with friends, maybe take a break, and enjoy the family with the family; therefore, we should not only consider the cheerful and friendly feeling of the guests, but also consider the warmth of the family; put in the living room Some green plants can not only add a fresh and lively atmosphere and improve air quality, but also make people feel refreshed and entertaining, and can also show the host's hospitality. Then the living room chooses some large items such as the bird of paradise, banyan ficus, monstera, rubber tree and so on to match!



The study is a place for people to learn. It should create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. The color is best in green. Try not to use bright and colorful flowers. You can decorate with elegant and light, cold and clear pot flowers to create an elegant environment. Green plants can also relieve visual fatigue and relax people. Some elegant and delicate flowers have refreshing effects.


Dining room

The kitchen is a work space with small items and heavy oil fume. Therefore, it is best to place small plants with adsorption and dust removal functions, such as begonias, green dill, cold water flowers and so on.



The bathroom has high humidity and rapid change of heating and cooling. Although it is not suitable for general flowers, it is more suitable to plant some foliage plants.

Such as ferns, ivy, tigertail orchids and other green plants, can adapt to the bathroom environment, remove odors, and purify the air.



The bedroom is the private space we have spent the longest time at home, and it is also an important area to eliminate fatigue. Putting some healthy and harmless potted plants in the bedroom can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also wake up in the morning with the sun and breathe in the fresh air. You will be full of energy throughout the day.


The green plants in the bedroom should be fresh and elegant, and the fragrance should not be too strong to affect sleep. Clivia, asparagus, fleshy, etc. are all good choices. For those who value the cleanliness of the bedroom, hydroponic plants can be the first choice.

If you do n’t have time to go out, move spring into your home! When a family has a vibrant personal mark, this spring, it will be full and full.

However, it is worth noting that whether it is a green plant in that place, we must observe it in time to remove the yellow leaf rotten leaves to avoid water accumulation, so as not to breed bacteria