How To Maintain A Smart Toilet

- Sep 11, 2019-

Smart toilets are now a must for every family. We want smart toilets to last longer, not only in relation to the quality of the products, but also in daily life.

In the cold north or central region, it is necessary to ensure that the bathroom temperature is above five or six degrees, and at least must be above 2 degrees. Otherwise, the water inside the smart toilet will freeze, which not only affects the use of the water, but also causes the smart toilet to crack after being frozen. When pouring water in, don't use overheated water. When the temperature difference is too large, the thermal expansion and contraction will cause the toilet to break down quickly. In severe cases, it will burst, especially affecting the life of the smart toilet.

In appearance, because the bathroom is relatively humid, so dust and dust will not be much, and it is relatively convenient to clean it up. It only needs to be scrubbed with a rag and water. If some stains are stubborn, you can add some to the rag. Sex cleaner. Do not use sharp objects and strong acid and alkali to clean, which will cause certain damage to the smart toilet.

In the maintenance of smart toilet seat, cover and other components, we can also use some bactericidal reagents for cleaning, because the seat, cover and other parts of the bacteria are more, using some sterilization agents can be sterilized to some extent But remember to not use 84 disinfectant or a corrosive liquid like Mr. Wei Meng, otherwise there will be some damage to the toilet.