How To Deal With The Daily Failure Of The Toilet?

- Sep 01, 2019-

As an important part of the bathroom space, there are often problems with the troubles, such as poor flushing effect, the toilet is not deodorant and so on.

The most common and most annoying problem: the flushing effect is not good when the toilet is used continuously. If this problem occurs in your home toilet, then there are possible reasons:

1. Low water pressure and slow water intake.

First check whether the inlet angle valve is open, and then check whether the water level in the water tank reaches the water level line. If the water level is not met, wait until the water tank is replenished.

2. The water is slow or does not enter the water. It is a water supply issue and has nothing to do with product quality.

If the water pressure is normal, please check if the inlet valve in the water tank is obstructed. If so, remove the debris. The filter of the inlet valve can be cleaned regularly to prevent the filter from becoming clogged.

3. What should I do in the toilet?

First check if the chain of the float ball is too short. If it is, adjust the chain length to the appropriate length; then check if the water tank fixing nut is tightened, and secondly the most embarrassing problem: the toilet is not deodorant. If this problem occurs with your toilet, there are three possible reasons.

A. The water consumption is not enough, so that the water seal is not returned to the position, resulting in no deodorization. The solution to this problem is to check whether the water level in the water tank reaches the water level line. If the water level is not reached, the water tank is flushed after the water supply is completed.

B. The water supply pipe of the inlet valve is detached from the overflow pipe of the drain valve, and there is no water supply. The solution is to check if the make-up pipe is properly installed on the drain valve overflow pipe, such as falling off and reinstalling the water supply pipe.

C. The toilet sewage outlet and the sewage pipe are not sealed properly and leak. In this case, the toilet should be reinstalled.

The problem of the toilet is far more than the above. In fact, the problems of the low-quality toilet are unpredictable. The repaired place is broken here, and various problems have caused the head of the household to break through the brain. Buying a quality toilet can save a lot of trouble.