How Can I Do If The Toilet Is Blocked?

- Sep 15, 2019-

1. In fact, you can find a half-inch wide bamboo stick into the toilet to clear the problem can solve the problem

2. Many times the toilet flushes, you will pass, especially if it is soluble in soil or paper, or can be broken up. If it is greasy, then wash it with a pot of boiling water.

3. Buy some caustic soda, boil water to melt the caustic soda, pour into the toilet. After ten minutes, everything will pass.

4. Buy a bottle of Coca back to drink the beverage first, then cut off the bottom of the cola bottle. After cutting it, put it on the toilet and hold it with the bottom to pick up a few times.

5. With the right amount of oxalic acid

6. You can buy a loach into the squatting pot, pour it into the toilet with warm water, the mud will heat up and drill down to reach the purpose of the toilet. If there is nothing hard, I think it will generally pass.

7. The old-fashioned mop, put the toilet half of the water, and then use a mop to force a few times into the hole, the action should be faster, rely on pressure to get it through

8. You can go to the market to buy a scorpion, and then mammoth a few times, once every half a month, it will not block

9. If you go inside into half of the water, use a circular mop, or use a round head soft brush to align the hole in the sewer.

10. Use a relatively long soft vent tube to insert, ventilate inside, and then flush; I tried, the effect is very good。