Bath Sees May 1st, Brings Everything And Sees Flowers-STOTA Bathroom 51 Feedback Activity

- Apr 26, 2020-


In May, the flowers bloomed, and everything reappeared prosperous; previously, due to the epidemic, life, health, and property were affected to a certain extent. Fortunately, the current epidemic situation in China has also been effectively controlled, and it is gradually developing in a better direction; life and work have also returned to the right track. Everyone has gone out of the house, and they have done a good job of prevention and control consciousness. Prosperity in the past.


In addition to approaching May 1st Labor Day, STOTA Sanitary Ware pays tribute to every worker, the frontline medical workers, soldiers, workers, drivers and so on. The 51st Labor Day of Australia Star Sanitary Ware launched the "" Bath "See May 1st-Bring All Things. Look at the Flowers" activity.


During the event, STOTA Bathroom launched eight discounts for everyone, giving back to every worker, paying tribute to every worker, and hoping that every worker pays attention to rest, and the combination of labor and "bath"; take advantage of the May 1 holiday, see you in a romantic "bath" , Bring everything together. Let's see the flowers!



During the event, we focused on recommending the "Enjoy Smart Life" discount package. The bathroom is a place with heavy moisture, which is easy to breed bacteria. In addition, the epidemic is not over, and the prevention and control awareness cannot be relaxed. Health and hygiene awareness is where everyone needs to pay attention.


STOTA51 activity, enjoy the smart life package-STOTA fully automatic intelligent toilet, with nano self-cleaning, negative ion sterilization, sprinkler self-cleaning, etc., can reduce bacterial cross-infection; at the same time configure multiple cleaning methods such as hip cleaning and female cleaning, care Family health. There are also close to the flip, foot-turning circle, automatic flushing when sitting, automatic deodorization, free hands to avoid cross contact with hands.


STOTA's May Day price hikes don't stop there. During the event, the whole product will be folded up by 3%. There are gift packages to enjoy more cash back. Take advantage of the holiday price, get started!


Next, let Xiaoxing explain the eight-fold gift for you in detail!


First and second gifts:

3% off the whole site, no-contact safe purchase, order and surprise delivery


During the promotion period, 30% off the whole site, no contact explanation throughout the process, the store will be disinfected every day to ensure your safety; make an appointment for one-to-one fixed service, one person to complete all the processes, reduce the risk of contact; set a 500 yuan gift 200 yuan signing fund Oh!



Three and four gifts:

Free gift packs with limited time discounts

Customers who purchase the main guest and guest package up to 8888 yuan in the store during the promotion period can enjoy a free set of 4 pieces of bathroom hardware worth 1888 yuan.



Five and six gifts:

Enjoy discounts and non-stop, limited-time discounts on various bathroom products

The benefits are non-stop. Stainless steel, showers, toilets and other products participate in the promotion, various bathroom products are available for you to choose for a limited time, and you can decorate your life as you want!




Seven and eight gifts:

Enjoy the gift, enjoy cashback, new product launch, tasting discount


Unstoppable benefits, constant surprises, old customers refer to the successful purchase, you can enjoy VIP customers with single cashback red envelope, other customers with purchase orders, the second purchase can also enjoy the transaction price on the basis of 3% of the transaction cash back Offers; there are new tasting offers!


Taking advantage of the May Day holiday, go out in moderation, look at all things, look at the flowers, and feel the vitality and flowers that slowly come back slowly; the Australian star is still by your side, willing to work with you to see everything Flowers, feel the blue sky and white clouds, that free breath.


STOTA bathroom adhering to the brand power accumulated in the past 20 years, adhering to the "enjoy life with creativity" concept. Efforts to provide consumers with creative enjoyment and self-satisfaction of the overall bathroom living space, allowing consumers to appreciate the unique new ideas of bathroom life, highlighting the "from Australia, bath and enjoy life" attitude; dedicated to creating new Chinese bathroom products Leader!



STOTA sanitary ware has joined the national investment promotion,

You are always welcome to join,


STOTA is willing to "bath" with you to see the future and create the future together