Whirlpool toilet

- Oct 05, 2020-

It is the highest grade toilet. It uses flushing water from the bottom of the pool along the tangent direction of the wall to promote the vortex. As the water level increases, it fills the sewage pipe. When the water level in the toilet and the toilet outlet form a water level difference, siphoning Formation, the dirt is discharged.


1.In order to meet the design requirements of the pipeline, the water tank and the toilet are integrated in the forming process, which is called a one-piece toilet.

2.The use of two functions of vortex and siphon: vortex can generate strong centripetal force, and quickly pull dirt into the vortex

During the siphon formation, the dirt is drained away, and the flushing process is rapid and thorough.

3.Large water storage area and small odor.

4.It produces very low noise and has no effect on sleep.