Which flushing effect of the toilet is the best

- Oct 03, 2020-

1.Straight punch

The flush toilet flushes our poop by the force of water flow. The wall of the toilet is relatively steep, and the area of water storage is small. If the water is concentrated, the impact will be large and the flush will be very clean. .


The siphonic toilet pipe is a "∽" type. If the pipe is drained for a long time, there will be a lot of scale in it, and the water level will have a certain gap. The suction generated by the flushing water in the sewage pipe in the toilet will discharge the stool. go. Because the flushing of the siphonic toilet is based on the force of water flow, the water area in the pool is relatively large, and the flushing sound is also very small. There are two types of siphon toilets, one is vortex siphon and the other is jet siphon

3. Vortex siphon

The toilet flushing port of the vortex siphon is at the bottom of the toilet. When flushing, the water flow forms a vortex along the pool wall, which increases the flushing force of the water flow on the pool wall, and also increases the suction force, which is easier. Drain the toilet and keep the toilet clean and tidy. It is not easy to breed bacteria.

4.Jet siphon

Jet siphon is based on the principle of siphon, which has been modified on the toilet. However, a spray sub-channel is added to the inner bottom of the toilet to align the center of the sewage outlet. When flushing, part of the water is drawn from the cloth around the toilet bowl The outflow of the water hole, one is sprayed from the spray port. The water flow of this toilet is very strong, and the stain can be washed away quickly, and there is no need to worry about the problem of uncleanness and anti-odor.