What are the tips for buying a smart toilet?

- Aug 10, 2019-

Once upon a time, those who had been to Japan did not praise the cleanliness of Japanese toilets. When they were geometric, they overheated and bought out the Japanese smart toilet seat cushions. Nowadays, our smart toilets are enough to match them. Many people also buy smart toilets in order to improve the quality of life. What should be paid attention to when buying smart toilets?

1. Try to choose the function of powering off the water, otherwise it will not be used during the power outage, which is very inconvenient.

2. Pay attention to the shape and size of your toilet when purchasing the toilet seat. If the toilet is shaped, such as rectangular or the water tank is curved, it can match the appropriate smart cover; there is also a special short toilet that can be loaded. Circle, but it will stick out when it is installed, it is a little uncomfortable to do it.

3. Do not choose the function is too complicated, such as on behalf of the wireless network, the remote control can play games to listen to music, these are flashy, the price is still much more expensive, but in fact there is no practical use.

4. Remember to leave the power socket behind the toilet, easy to install and use later.