What are the precautions for purchasing a toilet?

- Sep 19, 2020-

1. Observe whether the glazed surface of the toilet is smooth and consistent in color and no cracks or burrs; then tap the toilet lightly with your hand, a high-quality toilet will emit a crisp sound. If the sound is dull, it is not recommended to buy. When buying, you must also pay attention to whether the merchant provides a trademark, warranty card, certification, and so on.

2. The flushing method of the direct flush toilet is relatively simple and rough, and it is not easy for the toilet to block or return water in the later use. You can also reach into the sewer pipe by hand to see if there is glazing. If it is not glazed, it is likely that it will not function as a deodorant in later use.

3. The location of the toilet water storage is called a water seal. According to the relevant regulations, the standard water seal height is 50mm. Some high-end brand toilet water seals are generally about 55-60mm. You need to take a closer look when buying.

4. The siphonic toilet has a good sales volume in the market, but due to the higher pipeline direction, it is more waste water when flushing, generally about 8-9 liters. Therefore, it is the key to choose a water-saving toilet as much as possible, and the amount of flushing at one time will not exceed 6 liters.