What are the materials for the toilet cover?

- Sep 17, 2020-

1.Urea formaldehyde cover

The urea formaldehyde cover is made by high pressure. The urea formaldehyde toilet seat cover has good abrasion resistance and scratch resistance, and it is also easy to clean during use. The urea formaldehyde cover is often used on high-end toilets, and its appearance is smooth, so the price is also more expensive.

2.PVC board

Although PVC boards are also made of plastic, PVC boards have been improved and are now widely used in the packaging industry. The PVC board toilet cover is also relatively good in terms of hardness and more practical.


Plastic toilet covers are cheaper. Because it is made of plastic, the quality is slightly worse, and fewer people buy it.


Acrylic sheet is a kind of plexiglass that has undergone special treatment. This kind of glass has higher hardness and higher cost. Acrylic toilet lids have high aesthetics and are high-end products on the market. The surface gloss and color are also better.