What are the functions of the smart toilet?

- Sep 15, 2020-

1. Washing position adjustment: users do not need to move their bodies, they can adjust the washing position forward and backward according to their body shape; mobile cleaning: the nozzle moves back and forth during cleaning to expand the cleaning range and enhance cleaning effect.

2. Warm toilet seat: computer control keeps the toilet seat at a certain temperature, even in the cold winter, you will feel warm and comfortable; hip cleaning: special nozzle for hip cleaning sprays warm water to fully clean the hips.

3. Massage: There is a rhythm change in the pressure of the washing water, which plays a massage role and promotes blood circulation.

4. Automatic deodorization: use cold catalyst to treat odors, remove odors, and purify the air; toilet seat cushioning: use the physical damping method to make the toilet cover and seat ring fall slowly to avoid impact.

5.Temperature adjustment: Adjust the water temperature, seat temperature and wind temperature according to the user's personal preference. Warm air drying: blow out comfortable warm air to make the hips dry after refreshing; use the PWM method to control the temperature to provide 3 levels of warm air temperature. Women's Washing: Designed for women's daily hygiene, warm water is sprayed from women's special nozzles, and carefully washed to prevent bacterial infection.