What are the advantages and disadvantages of flush toilets

- Sep 11, 2020-


a. The diameter of the flushing pipe is thick, usually about 9-10㎝, and the flushing process is short.

b. The water saving performance of the flush toilet is also very good.

c. The pipe of the flush toilet has no return bend design, so it is easy to wash away large dirt, and it is not easy to cause the problem of toilet block.


a, the water storage surface of the toilet is small, so it is easy to produce dirt in the toilet.

b. Due to the relatively simple design of the pipeline, its deodorizing effect is also poor.

c. There is another drawback of the direct flushing style, that is, its flushing sound is louder.

d. There are relatively few types of flush toilets on the market today, and the range of options is limited.