This is the three reasons for choosing a smart toilet.

- Aug 19, 2019-

Although the toilet is still the mainstream nowadays, most of the households still use the toilet, but unconsciously, the smart toilet has begun to slowly enter the public's sight. There may be some problems with how to buy smart toilets. I don't know how to choose smart toilets with higher cost performance. The following small methods are shared with everyone, I hope I can give you some help.

Smart toilets are also divided into two categories: integrated smart toilets and smart toilet lids. As the name implies, there is a lid and a lid. The basic functions of the intelligent toilet include warm water washing, seat heating and warm air drying, etc. Among them, warm water washing should be a highlight of it. The intelligent toilet is divided into a heat storage type and a hot type. The small series is recommended to be hot type. After all, the heat storage type is easy to breed bacteria, or the hot type is healthier.

In addition to the heating of the water temperature, the texture of the water is also very important. The smart toilet is washed with warm water instead of a paper towel to avoid bacterial damage. Then flushing water is very important. When choosing a toilet, be sure to pay attention to whether it has a water filtration system, and give us more care. In addition, the smart toilet is a household appliance that is mixed with water and electricity, so pay special attention to safety to see if it has protective measures. When the seat is heated, measures such as anti-dry protection and leakage protection are necessary.