The beauty of smart toilets is the real selling point

- Aug 04, 2019-

The intelligent toilet has the functions of automatic cleaning, heating, sterilization and automatic changing of the sleeves compared with the traditional toilet, which is convenient to use and clean.

The smart toilet originated in the United States for medical and geriatric care, initially with a warm water wash. After South Korea, the Japanese sanitary ware company gradually introduced technology to manufacture, and added a variety of functions such as seat cover heating, warm water washing, warm air drying, and sterilization. At present, smart toilets on the market are generally divided into three types, one is a smart toilet with cleaning, heating, sterilization, etc., one is a smart toilet that can be automatically changed, and the other is automatic change and cleaning. Functional smart toilet.

One is a smart toilet lid + ordinary toilet ceramic base, which is called a split-type smart toilet; the other is a smart toilet ceramic base + corresponding intelligent toilet lid design combination, called an integrated smart toilet. Relatively speaking, the integrated smart toilet will be coordinated after the installation, but the price will be much more expensive than the split type, and the repair cost is high after the damage. The replacement of the smart toilet cover is much more convenient, and the maintenance cost is also very low.

The installation of the smart toilet is generally holistic. It is installed in the early stage of the renovation of the new home to prevent the misuse and aesthetics. Therefore, most of the smart toilets use the toilet lid and the toilet body to be originally produced. Eliminate unnecessary troubles in the future.