Teach you to distinguish whether your own toilet is superior

- Aug 08, 2019-

After strolling through the bathroom market, the toilets that look like the same style are natural, and the toilets from a few hundred to a few thousand are dazzling. The smart toilet manufacturer only tells you that you can make your toilet cost a lot of money in your home.

The sales staff in the bathroom market will say that the product is Guangdong porcelain and easy to rinse. If you buy it back, you will find that some dirty things can't be removed. You can take a look and see if the porcelain in the toilet is delicate. If it is very thin, then you are not fooled.

Smart toilet manufacturers should also remind you that a good toilet flush is very smooth, and the impact is very strong; there will be no problem of too small impact due to water pressure problems.

The intelligent toilet seat has many special functions: the seat heating, people sitting on the toilet ring no longer feel cold; warm water washing, so that people do not need to use paper towels; warm air drying, so that the washed hips dry and clean. The functions of massage laxative, automatic deodorization, remote control, etc., make the toilet people feel very comfortable. When acne patients are traditionally used in toilets, whether it is using rough hand paper or soft hand paper, it is easy to rub the hemorrhoids, resulting in bleeding events; while hand paper wiping is often not easy to wipe clean, the anus or acne fold residual feces often carry Bacteria, which repeatedly stimulate the anus, cause recurrent episodes of hemorrhoids. To avoid this, it is undoubtedly one of the better ways to wash the buttocks and warm the air. In addition, the warm water spray from the smart toilet lid can stimulate the external anal sphincter, speed up blood circulation, help relieve fatigue, and restore and strengthen its function, making defecation easier.