Standard features of smart toilet

- Aug 29, 2020-

1.Thermostatic seat

One common injury of conventional toilets is the coldness of the seat, especially in the colder seasons, so the feeling will be more profound. The seat of the smart toilet can be thermostated. After adjusting the temperature, the temperature of the seat of the toilet is warm whenever you go to the toilet. This warmth is really intimate.

2.Cleaning function

Cleaning the buttocks is the core function of the smart toilet. Generally, the cleaning will be divided into hip cleaning and female cleaning. When you are finished using the toilet, you can use the washing function. There will be nozzles inside the smart toilet. It will move back and forth / back and forth to clean the buttocks. Rinse is much better than wiping it. Just at the beginning you need to get used to this mode. It is actually very important to use a healthy toilet.

3.Warm air drying

After washing your butt, you need to dry it. If you think the drying time is too long, you can wipe it with a paper towel briefly before you start drying, then your butt will be extremely dry soon. This warm air drying can also adjust the temperature, you can adjust to a suitable position according to your needs.