Stainless steel bathroom cabinet and its making

- Aug 21, 2020-

The stainless steel bathroom cabinet is made of high-quality stainless steel plate material, which has been processed through dozens of processes such as oil, sanding, shearing, stamping, bending, filling, welding, assembly, and polishing.A special fingerprint-free process is applied to the surface of the stainless steel plate, which can effectively ensure that there are no traces during use and easy care; it is moisture-proof, mildew-proof, waterproof and rust-proof, durable, green and environmentally friendly, and the stainless steel plate can be recycled and reused.

The products are divided into brushed stainless steel bathroom cabinets, color steel stainless steel bathroom cabinets, wood grain stainless steel bathroom cabinets, and craft glass stainless steel bathroom cabinets; various styles and unique designs.

There are two forms of stainless steel bathroom cabinets:

1. Sheet metal process: The appearance of stainless steel bathroom cabinets made by planing, bending, and six-sided integrated molding is more exquisite and detailed, and the structure is more secure.

2. Stamping process: The stainless steel bathroom cabinet made by direct stamping has a simpler process and a lower price than the sheet metal process.