Smart toilets make you have no hidden words

- Aug 09, 2019-

In the bathroom, many people have encountered such unspeakable secrets: the toilet mat is too cold, and the goose bumps are made of ice; sometimes there is no feeling of bowel movement, but when you sit down, you feel it, and the paper is not enough; the toilet has There is no time to clean thoroughly, and over time it will make the toilet very dirty and unwilling to clean, it is very painful. But if you have such a smart toilet, you won't have these problems.

The automatic temperature adjustment function of the intelligent toilet allows you to feel cold and cool when you do it in any season. It avoids the direct contact of the buttocks with the cold cushion. It is convenient and practical, and you can adjust it yourself if you are not satisfied with the temperature. . The need to use toilet paper is also a lot of people's welfare, and toilet paper is also a waste of resources, do not have to think about how much toilet paper. This not only saves the overhead of toilet paper, but also enjoys the feeling of being served. And not only that, but also for the sedentary office, it is also a welfare, but also a hip massage.

More importantly, the residue of the smart toilet can be cleaned after tens of thousands of toilets. There is no residue, no bacteria, no smell, and there will be no need to clean it for a while.