Smart toilets are not really smart and need careful care

- Aug 20, 2019-

The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. Just like when I didn’t know what a mobile phone was a long time ago, anyone can think that the mobile phone is so powerful now, and the smart toilet is also the same. Once the smart toilet was only in our imagination, but with the advancement of technology, Smart toilets are no longer a dream.

Although the smart toilet can now achieve many functions, it is not completely called a smart toilet, because it has not fully achieved what we expected. Therefore, smart toilets still need our manual maintenance when they are used. Pay attention to the safety of cleaning and power supply, and use it according to the correct use specifications. Today's smart toilets can meet most of the needs of people, and the quality and function are constantly improving.

An intelligent society has arrived, and smart toilets have gradually become the darling of the bathroom, but care should be taken when using them.

Intelligent toilets are developed and produced with the improvement of our living standards and technology. As people go to the toilet, people are becoming more and more enjoyable, so how does the smart toilet work.

The smart toilet has a controller, and the left side is a common button, which is clear for the buttocks, special for gynecology, special for hemorrhoids, drying, etc. The right side can adjust the position of the spray bar, that is, the temperature, and even the buttons for children and the elderly. After we have finished the toilet, press the cleaning button, the spray bar will stick out from the bottom, and then spray the water at the alignment. After the cleaning is finished, press the stop button, the cleaning will be completed. If you want to continue enjoying it, you can press again. Lower the drying button. Very convenient.

The smart toilet not only improves the quality of the bathroom, but also makes our life more comfortable.