Smart toilets are everywhere

- Aug 05, 2019-

The smart toilet cover is a household product, but it still belongs to the electrical category. Therefore, the reporter saw the smart toilet seat in the home stores such as Red Star Macalline, Actual Home, and Gome, Suning and other electrical stores.

Usually, a smart toilet cover with basic functions such as warm water washing, seat heating, and self-cleaning of the nozzle, the price is between 1800 yuan and 2400 yuan. The intelligent toilet cover with warm air drying and automatic deodorization function is about 3,000 yuan. Imported brands or smart toilets with automatic sensing and remote control panel functions are not less than 6,000 yuan. Some of the high-end products with imported materials and remote controls are close to 10,000 yuan. Home, appliance stores or online stores can be purchased.

After many consultations, the reporter learned that the consumer will provide home delivery service within 3 days after the customer signs the order. The installation process is also very simple, just remove the original toilet cover and install the smart toilet cover, which can be easily used within half an hour. The warranty period for smart toilet covers is usually one year, and many manufacturers also provide lifetime maintenance services.