Several issues to be distinguished in toilet decoration

- Aug 05, 2020-

1.Smart toilet or ordinary toilet

As economic conditions improve, smart toilets are becoming more and more popular. There are two main types of smart toilets, one is integrated and better overall, and the other is ordinary toilet + smart toilet cover. In terms of functions, they are basically the same, and generally use heating, deodorizing, and washing the bottom. Regardless of whether to choose a smart toilet, or when decorating water and electricity, it is recommended to leave a socket near the toilet. If you want to use it later, you can always replace the toilet or toilet cover.

Smart toilet

2.Wall-hung toilet or ordinary toilet

The advantages of wall-hung toilets are also obvious:

(1) Convenient cleaning, no dead spots on the ground;

(2) The water tank is hidden in the wall, and the flushing noise is small;

(3) Drain on the same floor. If the toilet is moved, do not raise the ground.

In addition to being good-looking, I personally think that the biggest advantage is that it can be used for displacement, but the price is more expensive.

3.The size of the pit distance should be accurate

The so-called pit distance is the vertical distance from the center of the drainage pipe to the wall surface. This pit distance must be clear. Buy a toilet with the corresponding pit distance.

4.How to judge the quality?

Glazed: I personally think that there are no defects visible to the naked eye. The quality inspection of big brands is stricter. If a small defect is found, it will be dropped directly, and the small brand may relax the quality inspection standard. This is part of the price gap.

Accessories: The toilet includes a ceramic shell, plus the toilet lid and water parts in the water tank. Generally speaking, these plastic parts are purchased from other factories and assembled. Therefore, in theory, small brands of toilets can also use good water pieces.

Styling: In addition to the appearance, I think the main factor affecting the use is the degree of integration, and good integration is easier to clean. For example, most previous toilets were split. For example, the shape of two toilets in the figure below, it is obvious that the all-inclusive shape on the right will be easier to clean in the future.