Selection method of solid wood bathroom cabinet

- Aug 03, 2020-

1. It depends on the grade. Grades are divided into high-end, mid-range and general. The top material of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is a single tree with the same texture. The color of the coating is bright, the wood grain is clear, the surface is fully polished, and it is as bright as a mirror. Mid-range solid wood bathroom cabinets require similar materials for exterior materials, similar texture and color of symmetrical parts. The color coating is brighter and the wood grain is clear. The front view coating should be polished, and the side view coating is original light. The texture and color of the exterior material of the general-grade solid wood bathroom cabinet are similar. The color of the color coating is basically uniform, and a slight wood grain blur is allowed, and the coating surface is original light.

2. Look at the color. The overall observation of solid wood bathroom cabinets, from the overall perspective, such as combination, set of furniture must first look at the external surface color is coordinated, whether the color is consistent, whether the paint film is full, clean and so on.

3. Look at the quality. The solid wood bathroom cabinets should be made of reasonable materials. The structural parts must not have defects such as decay, knots, splits, etc. Whether the decorative materials have processing defects such as glue opening, bubbling, and warping. The decorative pattern should be symmetrical and beautiful. Whether the dimensions are regular and whether the sides of the part are flat and vertical. Whether all metal parts are stainless steel with moisture-proof treatment or aluminum products for bath cabinets, so that the resistance to moisture erosion will be strong.