Precautions for toilet

- Jul 26, 2020-

1.Do not place in direct sunlight, near direct heat sources or exposed to oily smoke, otherwise it will cause discoloration.

2.The cover plate and seat ring should be cleaned with a soft cloth. Strong acid, strong carbon and detergent are prohibited. Do not use volatile agents, thinners or other chemicals to clean the surface. Do not use sharp objects such as wire brushes and blades for cleaning.

3.The cover should be opened and closed lightly to avoid leaving a spot directly affected by the collision with the water tank, which will affect the appearance; or it may cause fracture.

4.Products using metal seat hinges (metal reed wire) should pay attention not to let acidic and alkaline solvents adhere to the product, otherwise it will easily rust.

5.In order to ensure the correct construction and installation of the toilet, please use glass seal as much as possible.

6.Don't pour into the toilet the newsprint, diaper pads, sanitary napkins and other easily clogged items.

7.The sundries that accidentally fall into the toilet should be removed in time, and the skin should be immediately removed by suction when clogged.

8.Do not allow hard appliances or rough fabrics to come into contact with ceramic products, and do not knock or bump them.

9.Regularly clean the attached dirt with a cleaning agent. When it cannot be washed, remove it with a brush; keep its surface clean.

10.Every time the water is flushed, when pushing the wrench or pressing the button, do not use too much force to avoid damaging the water tank accessories.