Points to note when choosing a bathroom cabinet

- Jul 22, 2020-

1. Look at the quality of the corners of the bathroom cabinet

The glass bathroom cabinet is particularly emphasized here, because glass bathroom cabinets are generally tempered glass bathroom cabinets, and the biggest disadvantage of tempered glass is that the corners are more “fragile”, easy to break and fall off, so the owners are choosing glass bathroom cabinets. It is best to take a closer look at the quality of each corner of the bathroom cabinet, and it is best to choose a bathroom cabinet with rounded edges and corners to avoid sharp edges that are easy to cause injury during collision. The thickness of the countertop of the glass bathroom cabinet is about 12-15mm. Don't be too thick or too thin. The glass bathroom cabinet that is too thick looks bulky. The bathroom cabinet that is too thin is not strong and durable. 12-15mm is more suitable. thickness of.

2. Check the surface quality of the bathroom cabinet

It mainly depends on whether there are bubbles or cracks on the surface of the glass bathroom cabinet; if there is a pattern on the surface of the bathroom cabinet basin, the main thing is to carefully check whether the pattern on the surface of the bathroom cabinet is clear. Bathroom cabinet.

3. Go to the regular building materials market

First, learn about related bathroom cabinet brand companies through the Internet and obtain some brand information. Big brands with a good reputation generally stand the test of time. After you have sufficient information, you can buy them in the regular building materials market. Go to the regular building materials market, because the quality of products sold in the regular building materials market is more guaranteed, and the after-sales service system is relatively complete.

4. Determine the style

The bathroom cabinet is best echoed with the overall design of the bathroom. Whether it is material, color, shape, size, etc., it must be coordinated with other facilities to achieve overall coordination and harmony.

5. Countertop material

The countertop of the bathroom cabinet is the place that contacts the outside world and is subject to the most wear and tear. Therefore, the bathroom countertop must choose materials that are easy to handle, hard and durable, such as stainless steel and artificial stone countertops.

6. Hardware is important

Although the hardware accessories are small, they are related to the comfort and service life of daily use and affect the quality of the entire bathroom cabinet. Large brand bathroom cabinets generally choose imported hardware accessories, which have a guaranteed quality and better feel and tightness. When purchasing, check whether the drawer is pushed and pulled smoothly, whether there is noise in the door opening, whether the hinges open smoothly, and there is no stall.