Pay attention to three points when choosing a smart toilet

- Jul 18, 2020-

1. Pay attention to product safety and value leakage protection

① Flame retardant materials

A smart toilet cover with a high safety factor will add flame retardants during the production process, and the levels of flame retardants are divided into HB, V-2, V-1, and V-0. The most effective interruption of the combustion process is V- 0 level.

② Waterproof level

As electronic products, waterproof grades are divided into IPX0 to IPX9. The high-quality smart toilet cover must be waterproof to IPX4 or above, which means "no harmful effects caused by water splash in any direction".

The waterproof rating is clearly stated on the product display, and if not, be alert.

2. Choose the smart function according to your needs

The function is not as many as possible, we should choose additional functional experiences according to our specific needs, so as not to blindly purchase smart toilets.

3. After sales

Smart toilets are smart technology products, and subsequent problems are troublesome to repair. Be sure to ask for the warranty period and detailed terms when purchasing. It is best to choose brand products that provide one-stop installation and after-sales service.