Method of cleaning the toilet

- Jul 16, 2020-

Cola cleaning

Cola is a beverage we often drink. Its main ingredient is carbonic acid, while the dirt in the toilet is alkaline. Cleaning with cola is an acid-base reaction. When the acid meets the alkali, it can be neutralized, so as long as you use cola, you can easily clean the toilet.

2. White vinegar cleaning

There is a very simple and commonly used method for cleaning the toilet, which is to use white vinegar. We can put some white vinegar in the mineral water bottle, then poke a few holes in the bottom of the bottle, and then place the bottle in the water tank, so that each time the water is flushed, the vinegar will follow the water in the water tank. Jiebaobao has the same effect.

3. Toilet paper assisted cleaning

There is another method that many people can't think of. It is to use toilet paper to assist cleaning. The effect is very good. When you need to clean, you can stick the toilet paper one by one on the inner wall of the toilet, then spray some toilet cleaner or white vinegar on the paper, leave it for one hour, and then use the brush to clean it.