Material of stainless steel bathroom cabinet

- Jul 14, 2020-

1. Mirror: The silver mirror processed by 5mm magnetron sputtering coating technology and advanced painting process is the original film, which has the characteristics of uniform, firm and durable film. The mirror is clear and reflects a metallic sheen. Can get the advantages of real and accurate images, without distortion.

2. Cabinet: 0.8mm high-quality 304 stainless steel plate, processed through dozens of processes such as cutting, pressing, bending, forming, welding, oiling, and sanding. Finally, a special non-fingerprinting process is performed on the surface, which can effectively ensure that there is no trace of personal contact during use.

3. Cabinet door: There is a distinction between glass door panels and stainless steel door panels. The glass door panel is based on the processing of the above-mentioned cabinet body, and 5mm glass is affixed on the outside. After "no fingerprint" technology processing, it is easy to take care of and product strength High, no concept of getting wet.

4. Hardware accessories: There is a distinction between stainless iron and stainless steel hinges. Genuine stainless steel bathroom cabinets generally use high-quality stainless steel door hinges and drawer slides; metal brackets and metal feet prevent the cabinet from being damaged by moisture and not deformed. The assembly is tight, the compression and impact resistance is good, the hinge is flexible, the elasticity is good, the guide rail is free, and the feel is good.

5. Ceramic basin: superior grade, fired at high temperature to achieve complete vitrification of the porcelain body, more durable and durable, almost zero water absorption, thick glazed surface, long-term use without easy staining, easy to care surface hygiene.

6. Countertops: Phoenix stone countertops and glass countertops are widely used. This choice depends on personal preference. Generally, the whole set of stainless steel bathroom cabinets' accessories (including the packaging required for mirrors and shelves) are made of stainless steel products.