Material classification of solid wood bathroom cabinet

- Jul 10, 2020-

Most of the solid wood bathroom cabinets on the market are multilayer solid wood. Furniture made of pure solid wood is rare, cost is too high, and expensive, mainly for people with special needs. There are three types of wood materials:

1. Integrated plate bathroom cabinet:

Benefits: The board is a solid wood integrated board. It looks strong in solid wood, has strong waterproof performance, and is easy to process.

Short board: The place where the integrated board is spliced is easy to be uneven, the glue seam is to be cracked, the cabinet is easily deformed, and there is a smell of formaldehyde.

2. Solid wood antique cabinet:

Benefits: visual party welfare, simple appearance and elegant appearance.

Short board: The cabinet is limited by the size of the board. Generally, the board is spliced with boards, and it is easy to crack and deform. Compared with integrated sheet, it is much less waterproof. Bacteria are particularly susceptible to germination after entering the water.

3. Oak cabinet:

Benefits: Pure solid wood, not multilayer solid wood! Oak or Malaysian oak has high hardness, few knots, clear texture, and good color. Basically unchanged, no insects, no rot, almost no formaldehyde smell.

Short board: The price is particularly expensive. There are many merchants on the market who use wooden cabinets as oak cabinets. Be careful not to be cheated when buying.

Summary:The solid wood panel itself is relatively weak in water resistance. Although the water absorption rate can be reduced to less than 5% after treatment, we must pay attention to moisture resistance. Solid wood looks more generous and natural, it is not easy to change color, and it is more high-grade; but the price is relatively expensive. Middle-aged and elderly families buy more.