Matching skills of solid wood bathroom cabinet

- Jul 08, 2020-

1. Combination form: The bathroom cabinet does not have a consistent formula like a kitchen cabinet. You can create various styles of bathroom cabinets anywhere in the bathroom; it can be an angle cabinet, a curved cabinet or a box cabinet, or it can be Bar cabinet or detachable combined bath cabinet behind the door. However, they must echo the overall design of the bathroom, and coordinate with other facilities in terms of material color and shape, otherwise it will give people a sense of extravagance.

You can design bathroom cabinets with different specifications according to the size of the bathroom. Traditional bathrooms have less space. You can choose a single cabinet combined with a mirror surface or a wall-mounted cabinet suitable for a corner. The small Duobaoge does not affect the original space and does not need to replace the basic equipment, so that the small bathroom also has sophisticated and practical storage equipment.

2. Color and matching: The colors of bath cabinets are more diverse. In recent years, light-colored bath cabinets are still the mainstream. The pure white bath cabinet creates the elegance and cleanliness of the bathroom. It is beautiful and pleasant, revealing comfort and calmness. The entire color tone is seamlessly combined with the white of the ceramic basin. The elegant colors make you feel like you are in a peaceful world. After the complicated life, you can enjoy the freshness of nature when you enter this space. In addition, the use of a translucent mirror surface can bring a cool feeling.

3. Choice of style: The bath cabinet mainly has 4 styles of avant-garde play, nostalgic classic, natural freshness and modern classic. The avant-garde play cool bath cabinet is mainly based on the simple design style, and the colors used are relatively bold, which has been favored by many young people. The nostalgic classic bath cabinet has a Chinese classic artistic aesthetic, and it is best to decorate the bathroom with anti-corrosive flooring, which is more coordinated. Natural fresh bathroom cabinet is one of the mainstream of fashionable bathroom cabinet. The refreshing and clean white makes the bathroom have fresh air like the woods after the rain. The modernist classical bath cabinet is a blend of modern elements in the classic charm. It is not a wood color painted antique furniture color, but a dark wood material, such as walnut; its lines are simple and smooth, not European classical The complexity of the curve. In terms of accessories, it discards the classic European style and exaggeration, and emphasizes the most basic storage function of the bathroom cabinet.