Jet siphon toilet and its features

- Jul 02, 2020-

The siphonic toilet is added with a sub-spray at the bottom of the toilet, aligned with the center of the sewage outlet. When flushing, part of the water flows out of the water distribution hole around the toilet bowl, and part of the water is sprayed from the jet outlet. On the basis of the siphon, the dirt is quickly washed away with the help of a large water current.

Advantages:The biggest advantage of the siphonic toilet is the low flushing noise, which is called silent. In terms of flushing ability, the siphon type is easy to wash off the dirt adhered to the toilet surface, because the siphon has higher water storage, and the deodorant effect is better than the direct flush type. Now there are many types of siphon type toilets on the market. There are more options.

Disadvantages:When flushing the siphon toilet, it is necessary to first discharge the water to a very high water surface before flushing the dirt, so a certain amount of water can be used to achieve the purpose of flushing, which is relatively expensive. The diameter of the siphon type drainage pipe is about 56 mm, which is easy to be blocked when flushing, so the toilet paper cannot be thrown directly into the toilet.