Intelligent toilet specific steps

- Aug 13, 2019-

Smart toilets say their intelligence, as long as there is a smart toilet lid, many people will be curious, how smart a toilet lid can be, let's take a look at it, its intelligent effect, and how to operate.

First of all, we can set its warm air temperature to not heat 45 degrees Celsius. When you see that its wind temperature indicator signal bar is a grid, it means no heating. If your air temperature indicator signal bar is two grids, then its temperature is 45 degrees Celsius, if it is in three grids, it is The temperature is about 55 degrees Celsius. If it is idle, you can press the "Flush" button on the remote control and it will start flushing at this time. You can also set the automatic flushing, which can be set to more than 6 seconds, so that the automatic flushing function will be activated after use. There is also an "automatic operation" button, which is mainly used for sitting down, can be used to clean the buttocks, and warm air for three minutes.

Is this completely intelligent way, after reading it, is there any heart? Then don't hesitate, come and experience it. Whether you choose us or not, smart toilets are waiting for you here.