Intelligent toilet design is more user-friendly

- Aug 17, 2019-

Toilets, as the increasingly popular bathroom products in our lives, have gradually become less novel, and our attention to them has not been as high as it started. But now we are more concerned about the impact of furniture on our health. In order to avoid unnecessary worry, we will talk about the characteristics of the toilet and what effect it has on the human body.

First of all, the toilet is made of high-quality clay, mud, sand and high-quality natural mineral raw materials. After careful grinding and fine particles, it is formed by advanced molding process. The compact is dense, high in strength and fine in texture. There will be any harm. Our firing process is fired at a high temperature of 1200 degrees or more, achieving complete porcelainization, and the water absorption rate is strictly controlled below 0.5. In the design of flushing function, the new ceramic product development and design input is strictly required, and the production and control of the water-saving product technical requirements are met, which meets the technical requirements of environmental protection products, and will not be used for sleep in the middle of the night. Make an impact.

The technology of smart toilets is getting better and better every day, and our smart toilet manufacturers are further strengthening the speed and quality of our production to provide users with a better experience.