Installation steps for smart toilets

- Jun 28, 2020-

1.Before installation, check whether the drainage pipe is unblocked and the installation ground is clean.

2.Install the matching sealing ring on the sewage outlet of the toilet.

3.Determine the toilet installation position. Align the toilet with the drain of the pipe and slowly lower it, adjust the correct position, then mark the line around the toilet, and determine the installation hole.

4.Make mounting holes. Align the mark holes on the ground with the feet, punch the mounting holes (10mm in diameter and 60mm in depth) with an impact drill, and insert the expansion nails.

5.Put glass glue on the inside of the marking line.

6.Align the mounting hole and the glass glue around the toilet and slowly press it down until it is level.

7.Put glass glue on the connection between the toilet and the ground, and trim it around to ensure the beauty.

8.Install the ground wire.

9.Connect the water inlet pipe and check if the filter is installed.

10.Clean the floor and tools. Immediate use is forbidden (glass glue curing usually takes 24 hours),and keep the water around the toilets away from water for 24 hours.