How to use the toilet properly

- Jun 22, 2020-

1. There are men in our family life. As women, we all know that men are standing and urinate, so it is inevitable that urine will be contaminated on the toilet ring, causing secondary pollution, so if it is not cleaned in time. It will bring urine to women at home, which is very unhygienic and threatens our health. Therefore, men may wish to learn from the posture of girls when urinating.

2. Sometimes we are not in good health. We will have awkward diarrhea when we go to the toilet, and using the toilet may cause the booties to splash onto the buttocks. Therefore, before going to the toilet, you can use toilet paper and lay it on the rest of the water in the toilet. Due to the tension of the water surface, the toilet paper will not be stored in water for a short time and can withstand a certain pressure.

3. Everyone who uses the toilet at home knows that sometimes they use a small toilet, but the toilet uses a lot of water to flush, then many people will feel very wasteful of water. Then we can put a large cola bottle filled with water in the toilet tank, but it is easy to flush it once and it needs to be flushed again, but it is more wasteful.