How to use smart toilet correctly

- Aug 02, 2019-

After cleaning the smart toilet for one minute, you can press the “warm air drying” button, so that the drying effect can be achieved, and the drying range can be adjusted. Just select the direction before and after the movement. Not only can it be dried, but it can also heat the seat, especially in cold things, this function is very practical. Press "Seat temperature adjustment" to select a temperature ranging from 34 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius.

After entering the toilet, you can directly press the flush button. In addition, you can also set the automatic flushing function of the smart toilet. You can choose to automatically flush in the long time period after the human body is seated. Set the time, and then enter the human body induction time after a few seconds, if the human body can not be detected, it will start automatic flushing. This greatly eliminates the need for manual flushing.

The intelligent automatic toilet not only has the above functions, but also some additional functions. It is also possible to set the automatic deodorization function after 3 seconds of sitting, and stop 30 seconds after the human body leaves the seat. MP3 can also be set during the toilet, as long as a small amount of data is stored in the MP3 player in advance, in the case of power-on, press the "MP3 power" symbol. It can be automatically turned off after leaving, and the next time you go to the toilet, use its automatic memory function to automatically open the last reserved operation.