How to maintain a smart toilet

- Aug 12, 2019-

Smart toilets have been around for a while, and people who have used them have a certain understanding of him, but many people often do some things that are not very good for smart toilets when they are used. When they are used, we will Renting things that hurt it? Have you done it?

First of all, don't knock and trample on the ceramic ware. Some people use the toilet seat cushion habitually, but sometimes they forget to put it on after taking it, and they will step on it when they use it, which will greatly damage the life of the smart toilet. Secondly, it is gentle when closing the toilet lid, do not close quickly. Third, when cleaning the smart toilet, do not use the cleaning agent or solvent that has a grinding effect or strong acidity and alkalinity to clean the toilet and the water tank fittings to avoid damage. Fifth, do not use high-temperature water to wash the Wei Tao sanitary ware. Many people use hot water before they use some ceramic objects, but smart toilets are not the same as other ceramics. Do not use hot water to wash them.

The use of smart toilets may be somewhat unfamiliar to us. It doesn't matter if the operation is not skilled. Just do not do anything that is not friendly to the smart toilet.